Big head fixings.

Bighead fixings- overview.

Big head fixings are the ideal solution to a wide range of sign and display mounting applications. Big head fixings are a simple and effective way of attaching a fixing point on items like;

bighead fxings

Big head fixings are easy to use, simple to apply and work exceptionally well. If you have struggled to find a method of fixing your sign and display projects our bighead fixings are the answer.

Bighead fixings in a range of styles and sizes.

Big head fixings are available in a range of different formats to suit your specific requirements. Manufactured in either mild or stainless steel bighead fixings allow you to achieve a strong mounting point in minutes.

Bigheads with threaded nuts.

This type of big head fixing is the one we use the most. An M6 nut is integrated onto a mild or stainless steel base. By bonding this assembly onto the rear of your sign lettering or panels you are able to use standard M6 threaded rod to stand your work off from the fitting service. The standoff distance can be adjusted by simply cutting the threaded rod to length.

If you wish to use a large thread size big head fixings can be supplied with a range of standard metric thread styles.

Big head fixings with threaded rod piers.

Bighead fixings can be supplied with lengths of threaded rod fixed to the base plates. Rather than inserting your own rod lengths you have studding which is pre-fitted to a base plate.

A range of thread sizes and lengths can be supplied.

Mounting your big head fixings.

There are two ways to mount your big head fixings onto your sign and display projects. If you are working with mild or stainless steel you can simply weld or solder your big head fixings on to the rear of your work piece.

big head bonding adhesive

If your work pieces are made from plastic or composite you can use a two part structural adhesive to bond the fixings into place. Suitable adhesives are available and can be supplied along with the big head fixings.

Great prices on all big head fixings.

We offer you an alternative to the market leading product. Our bighead fixings are of the same quality and have the same features as the leading brand- the only difference is the price.

Bighead fixings- a range of quality big head fixings which are cheaper than the leading brand.

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