Built-up stainless steel letters

Direct from the manufacturers

built up stainless steel lettersBuilt-up stainless steel letters are the high-quality sign and display solution. A built-up stainless steel letter can be manufactured in almost any typeface and with a range of different depth effects.

Stainless Steel built up letters are used to deliver a lettering product which creates the impression of very thick material. In practical terms, it simply isn’t possible to make letters out of solid stainless steel at 50, 75 of 100m thicknesses. This is where built up lettering come into play.

Built-up stainless steel lettering is made from thin pieces of stainless steel which are welded together to create the illusion of a letter cut from very thick material. This process not only saves on weight and cost it also creates a hollow letter which is perfect for back and halo lighting.

Trade suppliers of built-up letter products

built up stainless steel letter mIf you are searching for a trade supplier of stainless steel built up lettering then look no further. We manufacture built up stainless steel letters for a huge number of trade buyers. When your stainless steel built up lettering is delivered there is absolutely no mention of us everything is sent under plain wrapping with no telltale advertising.

Because the manufacturing process for built up stainless steel letters is entirely in-house we are able to give you a flexible service matched to ultra-competitive prices.

Stainless steel built-up letters, logos and all types of geometric and irregular shapes can be applied to a stainless steel built-up process.

Dimensional stainless steel sign letters

For your next stainless steel built-up letter project give us a call we know you will be glad you did. 

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As manufacturers of stainless steel letters and sign products, we have the ability to ensure quality is maintained from start to finish.

From the sourcing of the best quality stainless steel sheet through to enforcing strict quality controls right through the manufacturing process we have the built-in systems which allow us to offer you a proper warranty on everything you buy.

For full details of our warranty scheme please contact us.

Built-up stainless steel letters for the trade choice & value built-in.