Rim and return stainless steel lettering

Illuminated rim and return lettering

Rim and return lettering is an illuminated version of our dimensional stainless steel letter product. Rim and return letters are a combination of stainless steel letter carcasses with Perspex faces. Illuminated from inside via our own range of LED lighting products rim and return lettering is an attractive, affordable solution to individually lit sign letters.

Illuminated rim and return lettering

This attractive illuminated Rim and Return stainless steel lettering project is manufactured from Polished Bright Annealed Stainless fitted with a variety of coloured acrylic letter faces to create an impressive effect.

Rim and return lettering can be made in most typefaces in a range of sizes. A huge selection of acrylic colours are available as inserts for your rim and return letters. If you need logo shapes then these can also be fabricated in a rim and return

A full range of led lighting products are available for use within all your rim and return lettering and logo projects.

Rim and return lettering can be manufactured in a range of styles and sizes using either polished chrome or brushed satin stainless steel. Alternatively, we can make your rim a return lettering from mill finish stainless steel which can then be powder coated to any RAL colour.

Rim and return letter faces

Rim and return letter faces are manufactured from quality cast acrylic in a range of colours and finishes. White LED modules are used to illuminated most colours but Blue, Red, Green or Yellow LED’s can be substituted to give better colour tone on some acrylic colours.

Examples of rim and return stainless steel lettering

This picture shows you a few examples of the rim and return method. As you can see you aren’t limited to any particular shape or style. With a little imagination, you can create some really impressive sign and display projects.

For rim and return letter fronts we provide you with a choice of three different acrylic brands: Perspex, Plexiglas and Repsol. By offering three complete colour sets we can give you the widest possible choice of colours.

Combination rim, return and halo lettering

If you need individually illuminated lettering which features a face letter which lights up combined with a coloured light shadow around the back of the character we can build hybrid lettering which has both rim and return and halo lighting built-in.

Rim and return stainless steel letters

Rim and return logos

rim and return stainless steel letteringAs well as rim and return lettering you can also have the same principle applied to logos. Using the same production system for lettering it is possible to recreate most logos in rim and return format.

The rim and return system is also suitable for producing custom shaped light boxes in stainless steel round, oval or irregular shaped.

Rim and return lettering for individually illuminated letter applications.