Stainless steel letters

Stainless steel letters add impact and a feeling of quality to many sign and display projects. Using stainless steel letters in your projects will allow you to incorporate a quality feel without a big expense.

Stainless steel letters

Lots of online suppliers want to waste your time by advertising stainless steel lettering for sale even though they cannot make this product range themselves. We know you want to buy at the best price direct from the people who make them you aren’t keen on paying middleman prices and why should you?

If you are in the sign trade and are looking for stainless steel letters you just don’t have time to weed out the re-sellers you need a manufacturer and you need one quickly. This type of stainless steel lettering service is exactly what we offer you.

Flat cut

Stainless steel letters can be manufactured in a range of gauges to suit your application. In most cases stainless steel letters manufactured in 1.2mm thicknesses are adequate for sign and display projects.

Flat cut stainless steel letters
Flat cut stainless steel letters

Letters can also be manufactured in 3 and 5mm gauge stainless steel with Bright Annealed (mirror) and Satin (brushed, 5mm brused only) surface finishes available. The thickness you ultimately choose to use is entirely your choice we will happily manufacture to your exact specifications.


The two most popular Stainless Steel Letter finishes are BA and BR these equate to mirror/chrome finish (BA) or lightly brushed Silver (BR). Both finishes are available in a range of gauges.

If you are looking for special colours such as Gold or Green we can make these for you. Textured stainless steel sheet can also be utilized for sign and display production.


Stainless Steel letters can be supplied with a range of hidden fixing systems:

  • VHB double-sided tape pads.
  • Standard sign industry cup and peg fixings.
  • Stud Welded Threaded Rods.

All three fixing systems can be pre-installed by us and delivered in a simple ready to install format. Layout templates are a standard option.


Stainless Steel letters are just one type of metal signage available.

3D and flat cut copper letters

The metal you use is entirely up to you. We can cut in ANY metal not just stainless steel.

Steel letters
Mild steel flat cut letters

Why choose us?

We think we are the best choice for your lettering work. These are the key reasons which you need to bear in mind when choosing a supplier:

  • Full in-house service letters are cut to suit from quality raw materials.Stainless text
  • Excellent raw material range and price we source our raw materials carefully to ensure quality and performance.
  • Realistic trade prices our job is to supply the trade with affordable solutions which allow for-profit generation
  • Expertise in the sign and display industry we know the industry and we know what you are looking for.
  • A full range of mounting systems available off the shelf
  • Express service for rush jobs and tight deadlines
  • 3d letters are available in addition to standard 2d flat cuts.

We urge you to spend a few minutes contacting us for your own fast, free quotation. If you aren’t buying your stainless sign and display products from us already we think you will be pleasantly surprised by the difference we can make to your business.

Stainless Steel Letters any finish, any font, any size.

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