Stainless steel logos

Easy & affordable

To complement our stainless steel lettering service we also provide a full Stainless Steel Logo production facility. The modern CNC technology we use to manufacture stainless steel letter and logos will reproduce any shape so it’s really a case of offering letters, logos PLUS any other shape you could ever need.

Logos are manufactured in the same gauges and finishes of Stainless Steel available for lettering production.

Stainless steel logos
Stainless steel logos

Sending your files

This is the easy part. If you have a vector-based CAD file of the logos you want made in stainless steel all you have to do is email us with the file attached. Because we work from your own files your stainless steel logos are produced exactly how you want them.

If you need help creating a CAD file for your logo then just ask a full CAD design service is available.

Flat 2D

stainless steel logo fret cut designCut from stainless steel sheet flat 2d stainless steel logos are affordable and easy to install. A range of hidden fixing systems are available off the shelf. These fixings can be pre-installed on your stainless steel logos leaving you to achieve a simple, quick installation.

Stainless Steel CrownYou can combine your 2d stainless steel logos with other materials and sign products. If you need sign trays or sign panels these are also available at real trade prices.

Built-up 3D

Stainless Steel PanStainless Steel logos can be transformed from flat 2d items into full 3d effects. The way we manufacture built-up 3d logos is quite simple; a standard flat cut logo is machined from your choice of stainless steel.

A side return is then fabricated to follow the outline shape of the logo. This return can be 25, 50, 75 or 100mm wide. When it has been fabricated this side return is welded to the logo face and delivers a built-up stainless steel logo which simulates the depth of  25, 50, 75 or 100mm.

Built-up stainless steel logos can be illuminated with LED modules for extra impact. Whether you want a standard flat cut stainless steel logo or an attractive built up logo product we have all the facilities you need.

Stainless Steel logos in 2d or 3d formats. Full LED lighting range for stainless letters and logos available.