Stainless steel sign fixings

Stainless steel sign fixing for effective, attractive mounting

Stainless steel sign fixings are available in a range of sizes and in two finishes; mirror and satin. Stainless steel sign fixings are a simple yet very effective system which allows you to secure stainless steel sign panels in both exterior or interior locations.

We provide you with a full stainless steel sign panel production service which can place and drill the mounting holes required for our Stainless Steel sign fixings.

Stainless steel sign fixings

The stainless steel sign fixings we supply are exclusive to us we don’t resell you other UK suppliers product.

Quality features built into our stainless steel sign fixings

The stainless steel sign fixings we supply come with a range of features built-in. We think quality is hugely important so we try to make sure everything you order is of the best quality possible.

If you are buying stainless steel sign fixings from another supplier check our specifications to see if they measure up.

  • Quality marine grade stainless steel every fixing is made from the best material.
  • Cushioning silicone washers each stainless steel sign fixing comes with two silicone washers which are placed either side of the display panel or sign blank. The washers are designed to firmly grip the panel onto the fixing whilst at the same time protecting the surface of the panel or sign.
  • Locking our Stainless Steel sign fixings have security locking hex grub screws which prevent unauthorized removal of your signs and panels.
  • Superfine threads make our fixings more accurate and give a tighter, more precise fit.
  • Stainless Steel sign fixings are supplied in retail-ready blister packs with full fitting instructions and wall plugs and screws.

Other types of sign fixings are available

In addition to Stainless Steel sign fixings, we also offer you a range of interior sign fixings. Manufactured from high-quality aluminium alloy and anodized in a range of attractive finishes these products allow you to create stylish signs from simple components.

Stainless steel sign fixings for attractive signs and display panels.