Stainless steel warranty

Offering you one of the best warranties in the industry

stainless steel lettering warrantyA measure of the confidence we have in our stainless steel sign work is shown by the fact that we provide you with one of the best warranties in the industry. If you need the peace of mind which comes from a comprehensive 12 month RTB warranty then the reasons for buying stainless steel lettering and sign work from somewhere else are practically no existent.

Do not assume that a proper warranty is an industry standard

Our Stainless Steel warranties are some of the best you will find. If you assumed that every supplier gives you the same level of protection then you need to reconsider.

There is no mandatory requirement to give you a warranty of any kind. Most suppliers work on the basis that goods are fir for purpose at the time of delivery and that’s it.

As British Sign and Graphics Association members we are obliged to offer you a warranty period. Not only do we meet this obligation we voluntarily give you twice the time period we are obliged to offer.

Deal direct with the manufacturers for the best all round service

As manufacturers of stainless steel lettering and sign products we have the ability to ensure quality is maintained from start to finish.

From sourcing of the best quality stainless steel sheet through to enforcing strict quality controls right through the manufacturing process we have the built in systems which allow us to offer you a proper warranty on everything you buy.

For full details of our warranty scheme please contact us.

If you want to risk buying unwarranted stainless steel sign work then choose another supplier.