Dimensional brass lettering

Dimensional Brass lettering is manufactured from the best quality Brass sheet. Precision cut using in house water jet technology dimensional Brass lettering is another approach to 3D, built up lettering.

Dimensional brass lettering

All dimensional Brass lettering is crafted using your original CAD file or design as a master. The component parts of each dimensional Brass letter are cut to fine tolerances using a perfected system which is carried out using our very own equipment.

As you can see from this photograph Dimensional lettering manufactured from Brass really does look the business.

We make this product

Dimensional Brass lettering is a product which is advertised by many and made by few. If you want to deal directly with the manufacturers then our service is all you need to know bookmark our site right now.

Dimensional Brass lettering sourced direct from the manufacturer is cheaper and provides you with a hassle-free purchasing experience.

All styles and logos too

Dimensional Brass lettering can be fabricated in most typefaces. The side return; the component which gives this product the appearance of thickness, can be cut to any width you want.

Dimensional brass letters

Dimensional Brass logo shapes can be manufactured using the same principles as used for lettering, all you need to do is email us a CAD drawing of what you need.

Flat cuts

Dimensional Brass lettering is manufactured using flat cut letters as a component part. As you would expect we also offer you a comprehensive flat cut lettering service in Brass.

Some run of the mill suppliers advertise Brass letters cut using CNC routers. Our Brass lettering is all manufactured using water jet technology for better, more accurate and more intricate results.


Dimensional and flat cut Brass lettering products are more affordable than you may think. By carefully researching our suppliers we are able to offer you Brass lettering and logo products at low internet prices we buy at the best prices possible so we can sell at the best price.

If you want to get a price or find out more about our dimensional and flat cut Brass lettering products then please get in touch in difficult economic times, you cannot afford to pay more than you need to.