Illuminated signs

New generation illuminated signs at trade prices

Illuminated signs manufactured to suit your requirements is another service we offer. The new generation of Illuminated signs are designed to illuminate only the lettering or logos, not the whole background.

Changes in planning laws mean that this type of Illuminated sign is now the recommended product. Where traditional Illuminated signs used to feature wide expanses of backlit Perspex the new generation of illuminated sign delivers a more stylish, energy-efficient solution.

Illuminated signs
Illuminated signs

This is a new generation illuminated sign manufacture with CNC technology. Illuminated with led’s and featuring Stainless Steel letter this is a good example of what we can help you achieve.

Illuminated signs manufactured with CNC precision

This new type of Illuminated sign cannot be manufactured by the smaller sign shop or sign companies who specialize in digital printing. Unless you have access to grand format CNC system this type of Illuminated sign is almost impossible to make.

To serve this market we offer a comprehensive Illuminated sign production service which entirely CNC based. Being able to cut every type of sheet material means we can incorporate metal and plastic elements into any of your Illuminated sign projects.

Illuminated signs-energy efficiency as standard

Our new generation of Illuminated signs are powered by energy-efficient 12v LED modules. Unlike other Illuminated sign suppliers, we have phased our fluorescent tubes concentrating entirely on led technology.

Illuminated signs manufactured

Led Illuminated signs are lighter, more compact, more energy-efficient and much easier on the sign maker. For illuminated sign work the chore of maintaining and replacing blown fluorescent tubes has always been a big cost. With our Illuminated signs, there are no tubes and no service requirements you simply fit and forget.

Led lighting can be incorporated into the rear of your illuminated sign panel which eliminates the need for expensive back trays or sign cases. This unique system has proven to be very popular with customers like you. Our innovation in Illuminated sign work allows you to offer a superior Illuminated sign solution to all your customers.

Illuminated signs: custom is standard

All Illuminated signs are built to order using your designs and specifications. The new generation of Illuminated signs does not use traditional, bulky dual case style aluminium extrusion which allows for more design freedom and versatility.

Illuminated signs made to any design, contact us for more information.