Dimensional stainless steel lettering

Dimensional stainless steel lettering and logos built to order

dimensional stainless steel lettersDimensional stainless steel lettering is a product range which creates three-dimensional lettering effects from thin gauge stainless steel. This allows you to give the depth effect you need with a price which is affordable.

Dimensional stainless steel lettering and logos are some of the most popular sign products for buyers looking to project the best possible image. Manufactured from quality stainless steel sheet this product range offers exceptional durability and projects a stunning impression.

When you look for a supplier of dimensional metal lettering you need to look for a company which manufacturers from scratch this gives you the best possible price and service.

Why use dimensional stainless steel lettering and logos

Some projects require lettering and logos which have a “chunky” look and feel. Making these projects from solid stainless steel sheet is not a viable option. The weight and cost of say 25mm thick stainless steel sheet are simply too great to make solid letters and logos a practical solution.

Dimensional stainless steel lettering and logos get round the limitations of sheet thickness by created a fabricated product which has the appearance of a solid letter or logo whilst in fact being a hollow structure.

Dimensional stainless steel lettering: display faces

built up dimensional stainless steel letteringThe display face of dimensional stainless steel lettering are made of standard flat cut stainless steel letters typically in 1.2mm gauge. These flat cut letters represent the show face of the finished product.

To create the dimensional effect we need to build and attach the second part of the dimensional product the return.

Dimensional stainless steel lettering side returns

The dimensional effect of this type of lettering and logo product is created using a thin strip of stainless steel which is fabricated to follow the outline of the display face.

The side return is simply a strip of stainless steel in either 25, 50, 75 or 100mm widths which is fabricated to follow the flat cut letter perimeter. The side return and the face are then welded together to create a hollow stainless steel letter or logo which is as deep as the side return used.

Dimensional stainless steel lettering and logos made to your own CAD files.