Metal sign cutting

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Our metal sign cutting service allows you to use real metals for within your sign and display projects. From stainless steel to aluminium, brass to bronze our service lets you use all types of real metal to create more distinctive, more impressive results.

Metal sing-cutting
Metal sign cutting

This metal sign is cut from a variety of metals; mild steel, stainless steel in two finishes, checker plate aluminium as well as a small dash of Green Perspex. This gives you an idea of how metal can be cut into effective signs which have a bigger, better impact.

Our cutting machinery will handle any type of metal you can think of. Run of the mill sign projects made from stainless steel and aluminium are standard options. Rare and exotic metals like titanium and bronze can also be cut and used within the sign and display environment.

If you have sign and display projects which require metal components then this service is the ideal way to turn your CAD files into real products.

Safe on delicate materials

Using the power of abrasive water jet technology which is at the heart of our metal sign cutting service means that every type of sheet material can be cut safely. For delicate or easily damaged metal types this water-based cutting system has the edge over more traditional laser cutting systems.

Water jet cutting system
Three main elements of our water jet system

The cutting system we employ on your projects is an entirely cold cutting process. This means that there is no heat introduced into the metal being cut nor is there the opportunity for heat to build up during the cutting process the metal sheets are constantly washed with cold water.

This way of cutting metal signage means that highly polished and very thin metals can be used without the possibility of warping or Bluing. If your meta sheet is expensive you don’t want to waste it or damage it.


You can use our service for the following applications:

  • Individual cut lettering
  • Individual cut logos
  • Fret cut panels
  • Fret cut screens & grilles
  • Architectural details and design elements
  • Artworks and displays
  • Sign blanks
  • Sign panels

These are the most common applications although the possibilities are virtually endless.

Metal display parts
Metal display parts

These parts have been water jet cut from 3mm aluminium plate as you can see fine details are no problem for our systems.


Standard metal sign cutting materials are:

  • Solid Aluminium
  • Brass
  • Stainless Steel
  • Mild Steel
  • Pre Rusted Steel
  • Bronze
  • Copper
  • Titanium
  • Tool Steel
  • Galvanised Steel

Other exotic and rare metals can also be sourced and cut.

metal partsThe systems we use for sign and display work can also be employed for general metal cutting applications for any industry. If you are looking for cut metal parts which have nothing to do with sign or display applications our service is suitable for you.

Whatever type of metal you need cutting we can help you.

Metal Sign cutting standard and exotic metals cut with precision.